Study at University Warmadewa

Bali Studies Scholarship

Studying outside your home country was only the dream of a fortunate few. Now it is more affordable and disirable than ever with the Bali Scholarship Program. This award covers the non-resident tuition.

Tuition reduction up to 100%

Availability : Summer and Winter Term (BALI BACHELOR & BALI MASTER)

Application close : December 5th


  1. Enrolled undergraduate or post-graduate program
  2. Financial need
  3. Merit-based scholarships (significant experience and/or outstanding academic records)

General Condition

  1. Application for the Bali Studies Program.
  2. Undertake full-time studies at the University of Warmadewa.
  3. Follow the program and abide by the university's rules and regulations.

Bali Buddy Program

Overseas Ambassador

As an Education Ambassadors you share the benefits of the study abroad experience with your mates. Through classroom visits and hosted events, you are able to share your experiences abroad with your peers while promoting awareness of the numerous international opportunities on campus.

Ambassador Activities

  • Assist with events and orientations
  • Connect with club and organisation or plan activities
  • Hang posters on your campus
  • Posting on social media channels
  • Submit a blog
  • Write an article or complete a review

Diplomatary Benefits

  • Developing a culture of international education and be a part of globalisation on your campus.
  • Develop leadership qualities by education and practice.
  • Expand your network to other students and show the differences from Bali Studies.
  • Gain valuable competencies in counselling as a mentor.
  • Receive a professional reference upon completion of the program.

Ambassador Criteria

  • Student or affiliate
  • Passion for going abroad
  • Sociable, creative with superb communication skills
  • Active social media user

Ambassador Scholarships

You can undertake an integrative program during your study abroad, which includes a combination of cultural outings, networking opportunities and special events at no extra cost.

The Scholarship is 500 Euro


Undergraduate and post-graduate Students with study abroad experiences and leadership experience or the desire to lead, ability to interact with diverse students, and the willingness to help other students.

This scholarship is only available to incoming fee paying study abroad students for the semester noted in the application. Become a Bali Studies co-Director.


6 - 8 weeks after application is close.

Application close

December 15th.

Money Tips

Fund your Bali overseas study

Your experience of a lifetime can be realized for way less than you may think. Even when programs costs are the same, the in country costs can wipe you out. Keep in mind, Bali is not London, Paris, Tokyo or New York. Studying in Bali is probably cheaper than one semester at home!

Below are some options of how students have funded their programs in the past. Remember that while one option might be the solution for one person, two or three options combined together might be the right solution for someone else.

Saving hints

You can backpack on a very small budget and you get far more out of travelling with no money anyway. We are here to give you all the best tips we have learned from all these years of travel, and to help you save money while you're at it!

Flying to Bali

Flight ticket is the greatest cost of all. The best way to get you to Bali is to find the best deal from your initial place of departure to any major South-East Asian airport (Bangkok, KL or Singapore) and search for an Air Asia or Tiger Airways connection from there to Indonesia. Not all flights are alike! Student fares are sometimes the cheapest and the most flexible. Don't wait until the last minute!

Student Card

The International Student Card provides some travel insurance, including medical evacuation and repatriation but the deal here are the student discounts that go with the card.

Credit Card

The easiest way to get money is with your ATM/debit card. Be sure to contact your bank and see about international transaction fees, as they can add up fast.

Live Like a Local

Immersing yourself in the local culture is one of the best ways to save money. If you are hanging out in a bar or restaurant full of foreigners you are probably spending too much. Locals know where to go and how to save money.

Tax deducibility

The Bali Studies fee may be tax-deductible (many have even been able to deduct the cost of airfare!). Tax deducibility can be a significant benefit to you, reducing your real pocket contributions, on average,30%!

Financial Aid

Your college's financial aid department is a great place to start the scholarship and grant search. Make sure that your financial aid office is helping you utilize your federal and state aid for your study abroad program. Many students receive university credit for the study abroad program. You may also be able to transfer your current financial aid package if your university has approved you to receive credit for the Bali Studies Program, Bali Internship and Bali Volunteer Program.


Begin your scholarship search include your school guidance counsellor, professional associations, service organisations, your university's alumni association, and Google.

There are grants and scholarships available for study abroad, internships abroad and volunteer abroad. Some Fund offer scholarships each year or the International Education Financial Aid is also a good resource with lots of scholarships listed that you may be eligible to apply for. If you are currently receiving a Federal Grant, you may be eligible for a International Scholarship. Also, check with your school's Office of Merit Awards and Scholarships to see what else may be available.


Instead of getting yet more socks, ask a relative to contribute to your study abroad program fund. Here are many online platforms available to help you collect and track donations. An excellent site is Fund My Travel, another is Go Get Funding but there are many others!

Community Out Research

Community organisations are a great option for funding your international experience and some have done just that! Your church, synagogue, or Rotary Club are good organisations to look into as they have a history of supporting youth in international programs. You may even be able to leverage bringing your experiences back to benefiting the community in some way, such as mentoring younger students when you return and sharing your new found wealth of perspective on the world.


Financial aid, including institutional aid, may be applied toward the cost of your study abroad program. Students on study abroad programs are officially registered as full-time, Off-Campus Matriculated (OCM). OCM students thereby retain full eligibility for federal grants and education loans.

Studying abroad is one of the most enriching possible experiences, and it's one that more students should attempt to have.