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Internship in Bali & Indonesia

Many students are recruited by multinational companies before they even graduate and many of these companies provide internship opportunities. We strongly recommendate to complete an academic internship program. Apart form acquiring practical experience in the desire industry, you will be able to interact and network with industry leaders and professionals in the working environment.

General Requirements

Internships in Indonesia


You will go far with an internship in hospitality. We mean that both figuratively and literally-with your experience, you may find yourself working at a boutique hotel, a stylish restaurant or a resort and spa in an exotic island. Be ready for the culinary experiences, what Indonesia has prepare for you.

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Sports and Tourism

You can intern with your favourite sport interest! Sports internships are great no matter what your major is because the organizations offer internships in almost every department. This Internship will provide the opportunity to be involved in many aspects. You will get to be close to all the action!

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Human Resource

Entry-level HR roles may start off administration-heavy, there is lots room for progression within the industry. Those with characteristics that lend themselves to a people-focused vocation should consider internships as a starting point. The opportunities are vast.

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A marketing internship supports the company activities relate to determining market demand and converting the customers buying power into an effective demand for a service and bringing that service to the customer. Marketing internships offer experience in several fields. Get ready for your career.

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Sales and Service

Sales are a business lifeblood, so if you are able to develop your skills in this sector and make yourself indispensible to a business, you're more than likely to be handsomely rewarded. Sales is all about understanding clients, managing their requirements and closing a deal.

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Event Management

Coordinate festival, business meeting, competition, or non-profit fundraiser. The first step is to learn the methodology and planning process that leads to a successful event. By completing an internship, you will most likely learn events are more difficult to coordinate than people think.

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This is the best way to bridge the gap between studying and landing great job after graduation. Internships will help you develop your right experience by learning the ropes from more experienced professionals. Take the next step in your future career.

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Business Development

Business development internships are a perfect chance to really get to grips with how a company works, learn about its selling points and develop your entrepreneurial streak. Business development is not only a crucial area for every company but also a satisfying career path.

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International Trade

An internship within this environment will give you an overall valuable experience and exposure in global logistics and business. Organise and keep tracking the cargo on the digital screen. You will know, where from are the goods in your local store and who carry it.

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International Relation

International relations internships apply what students have learned to substantive work that helps untangle the issues of peace and health worldwide. Armed with a background in historical analysis and an interdisciplinary understanding of economics, psychology, ecology, and history.

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It & Technology

The Technology Industry is a fast and ever changing sector. Internships within the Technology Industry are as varied as the industry itself. Passion is essential, as is a clear understanding of what specific field you are looking to get into. Be ready for the digital world of bits and bytes!

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The media is a notoriously tough area in which to find work. You will need to be creative in your internship-hunt, but an internship could be the perfect way to bolster your CV with relevant work experience and help you decide which area of the media you would like to focus on.

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Public Relation

An internship in PR will teach you how to communicate positive messages and stories around a brand or organisation. You will shadow individuals organising press briefings, arranging events, liaising with journalists and learn how to write a press release.

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Market research helps organisations understand why people want, need, buy or use a product or service, which can affect all levels of economic, social and political decision making. Get into the fundamentals from all science and you will be the one who discovers the cure for long-life living?

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Internships in education support programs that change the way people interact with the world. Whether it be a first grader's owl pellet dissection or a graduate student's foreign language immersion, each individual learning experience translates into a community's progress.

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You know that our records of the world, as incomplete as they are, still hold plenty of possible narratives. Investigating the social, cultural, political, and geographic forces that have created today's world calls for inquisitiveness and critical thinking. There is no future without the history.

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Architecture internships are an important process for understanding the services in connection with the planning, design and construction of a building or project. Be inspired by using alternative building materials to develop green buildings for a healthier environment.

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Legal internships are an important process for understanding the services in connection with the law framework, settle up a business in the construction of a foreign company or project. You will get involved in all step of the process to establish a foreign company in Indonesia.

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Engagement in Indonesia

People volunteer for many different reasons, but most often they simply want to help, to do something important, and/or to assist others in need. Some intern in volunteer roles because they want to explore different career options without having to enter an internship contract. A flexible web of skill-building, networking, and community involvement opportunities arises.

Volunteer in Indonesia


An ideal way to experience the variety of tasks, roles, and responsibilities within a firm. A non-profit may refer to an organization or sector. As a sector, non-profits include a variety of firms focused on helping others such as trade organizations, voluntary associations and social change organizations.

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Plenty of opportunities whether you want to work with youth, disabled individuals, ethnic minorities or communities living in poverty. There are endless opportunities for you across Indonesia. Bali is a good option for finding a community development program.

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Animal Care

Holding a volunteer in animal care will allow you to explore other types of options that are out there, some of which you may never have considered before. Community education goes hand-in-hand with the volunteer in the wild life. Enjoy of giving a baby turtle the freedom to reach the ocean.

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Despite swift growth in the sector, there is stiff competition for available roles. For those looking to break into this field, particularly those that may not have directly-related qualifications, a demonstrable passion for your area of interest is key. Help to keep the planet green.

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Almost any career can have an environmental focus, and you are putting yourself at a distinct advantage by pursuing an internship in the agriculture industry. In addition, large employment growth in the field is projected due to advances in technology and the need for continuing research.

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Internships in community can be found everywhere: all businesses and organizations recognize the importance of interacting. As a community intern, you will equip yourself to better handle and solve problems, and you will improve both your writing and public speaking skills.

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Volunteer in communication have many different avenues and paths in regards to developing a career so aspiring communication interns have lots of choices when it comes to choosing a program. Get your public speech in the wide audience in Indonesia.

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Human Rights

Indoneisa boasts what has been acclaimed as the most progressive constitution in the world, and yet faces many significant challenges as a country still in transition. As such, it provides a stimulating environment for anyone to learn more about human rights issues.

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Volunteer opportunities in medical and health care are rising in tremendous rate all over the world. If you want to be a professional, you certainly need industry experience that an internships in Indonesia can provide you essential experience and practical skills in tropical medicine.

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Start with just a short-term, simple assignments to get used to working with online volunteers. When you feel comfortable with the process, you can expand to more, longer-term and complex assignments. You will be examining the "nuts and bolts" of how to take design out into the field.

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