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Student Safety in Bali

Safety Tips

  1. Emergency Contacts
    • Designate a parent or guardian as the emergency contact on your online application. This way we can contact this person easily in the event of a situation
  2. Communication Information
    • As important as an emergency contact is, it is also imporrant that Bali Studies has the updated contact information (phone, mobile, email, address) so that you can also easily be contacted in a situation.
  3. Preparation
    • You should keep family others informed of travel plans. Making sure that a room mate, parents, ground staff knows of plans to go somewhere while abroad is a good rule. In the event of an emergency you can easily be contacted.
  4. Keep Updated
    • You should know about the destination where you are travelling. Our website is also a good source of information for preparation. Although Bali Studies offer programs in stable, safe countries, it is still a good idea to regularly read local papers, watch local news, and be informed of anything that may affect your health and safety. We will keep you updated on any information that may affect your welfare.

Stay in touch

Stay in touch while studying in Bali.

  • Schedule regular calls
  • Drop postcards from your location
  • Keep a blog to share your experience
  • Don’t forget to schedule plans back home

“Relax, it will be the greatest adventure of your life.”

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